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  1. The Panhandler and Me
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The Panhandler and Me

The large middle-aged man hailed us as we walked up the street and told us he was an official ambassador for the city of Memphis appointed by the chamber of commerce and that he was assigned to help tourists navigate the downtown area. When we refused his services he immediately dropped the charade and cursed at us. There was even a young woman, probably early twenties, who came up to us with a clipboard and said she was authorized by the Peabody Hotel to solicit donations for her girls soccer team who was raising money for a trip to New York.

As part of her well-rehearsed spiel she said that she understood that there were a lot of panhandlers in downtown Memphis and that I could see her ID and letter of permission from the Peabody if I wanted. When I said that I would like to see those documents she cursed mildly and stormed away.

So what is a good bleeding-heart liberal to think about a place like Memphis. My research has led me to believe that we must make a distinction here.

Panhandlers – stuffiminterestedin

Despite our intuitive response the fact is that the homeless as a rule, are not panhandlers and panhandlers, as a rule, are not the homeless. People who have looked into this conundrum have found that most of these con artists have a home, even sometimes driving into town to run their scams.

These panhandlers are criminals. Their activity is very little different, and is actually akin to, the ponzi scheme of a scumbag like Bernie Madoff.

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There are truly people out there, like the homeless man on the streets of Philadelphia, who desperately need our help. The aggressive panhandlers of Memphis are a different breed. They deserve our scorn not our dollar.


The Memphis blogger who has devoted his time to this problem recommends making your donations to organized charities who run soup kitchens and rehabilitation programs in Memphis and other cities. This seems like a logical approach. I would not discourage you from visiting Memphis.

As I have illustrated there is a lot here to see and do and appreciate.

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But, as an amateur tour guide a free one I would offer the following advice; go during the daytime, walk around in a group, stay at a nice hotel, and use your powers of discernment to avoid the scammers and help the truly needy. Matt Palenske.

Scottsdale Places Signs That Discourage Giving Money To Panhandlers

Samuel Gould. Purchasable with gift card. Still Thirsty For Real Now Can't Remember SH Saturn Returns Fancy Panhandling Slabtown Heaven Rules Scars It may lead us to think there is a specific reason for the request, like getting enough for bus fare. This is just speculation, though.