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Turkey Change Country. Cooper, Gordon, Hawk, and Truman later speak with Phillip Gerard, who wished to have his medication, and without it, he seemed to completely switch personalities and identified himself as "Mike" and that he was an inhabiting spirit. He said that "BOB" is a parasitic spirit feeds on fear and pleasure, and that the two were once partners and that he now wishes to stop "BOB," who had been in the presence of Twin Peaks for nearly 40 years and was in the Great Northern.

The following morning, the lawmen joined "Mike" for coffee, Truman announcing that they were ready to begin their duties for the day. Gordon then left for Oregon. Subsequently, they went to the home of Harold Smith , who had a secret diary belonging to Laura in his possession. However, he had hanged himself and the diary was partially destroyed.

Cooper pieced together some of the pages back at the station, noting the presence of a "BOB" being abusive to her over a large period of her life, and said that she will one day "tell the world about Ben Horne. Cooper told her to not mention this news to anyone else and then told Harry to get a warrant for Horne's arrest. Tojamura and told him he was wanted for questioning in the murder of Laura Palmer, but he was resistant and tried to leave, causing the deputies to apprehend him and take him into custody. Back at the Sheriff's Department, the Log Lady showed up, telling Cooper and Harry that "there are owls in the Roadhouse" and confirmed the former's suspicion that "something is happening.

The three traveled to the Roadhouse and sat at a table as the blonde singer performed onstage.

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Cooper amusingly observed the Log Lady eating a lot of peanuts. Minutes later, he seemed to enter a dream and the musicians onstage disappeared and were replaced by the Giant, who said "it is happening again The elderly waiter came over to the table and said, "I'm so sorry," and walked away, leaving Cooper deep in thought. They encountered a dancing Leland in the Timber Room and they informed him of the arrest of Ben Horne. Cooper requested Leland to inform him if he were to remember anything strange about Horne's behavior and then he left with the Sheriff, commenting that he was not sure whether everything is fine.

After Doc Hayward received a blood sample from the Horne, the lawmen spoke to the suspect in the interrogation room, with Jerry Horne present. Cooper asked him if he knows anything about the secret diary of Laura Palmer and revealed to him that the lawmen know about One Eyed Jack's. When the One-Armed Man went missing, Cooper and Truman began to search for him, but they encountered Leland, who was swerving on the road in his convertible and apparently on his way to try out his new golf irons. He told them that he remembered that on the night Laura was murdered, Horne mentioned a "dairy," which Cooper assumed to actually be "diary.

The One-Armed Man was brought to the interview room with Ben Horne and said that "Bob" is not present, but had been nearby. In spite of this, Truman charged Horne with the murder of Laura Palmer, and Cooper voiced his disagreement. Cooper addressed a tape to Diane at that night from his hotel room, noting the empty sky and the events of the day, stating his belief that they had yet to find the killer. Audrey showed up at his door and asked what he thought about whether her father was guilty of the crime or not.

He then received a call. Another body wrapped in plastic had been found: Maddy Ferguson , Laura's nearly-identical cousin. The following day, Rosenfield stated that his findings of Maddy's murder pointed to the same person who killed Laura. Cooper requested 24 hours to find the culprit. Donna Hayward then informed him about an elderly woman named Mrs.

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Tremond and her grandson who spoke to her the same words that appeared on Harold Smith's suicide note. She took him to the Tremond home, however, a different woman with no connection to the old woman Donna had met answered. She gave them an envelope from Harold, which happened to be a page from Laura's diary - entries from February 22 and In the first entry, Laura described exactly Cooper's dream, except from her point of view. In the second, she described that it would be the night that she dies.

Cooper went to "Mike's" bedside for his help. Agent Cooper then made his way to Horne's office, where the Sheriff's Department searched for evidence, which Truman determined to still point the finger at Horne. Rosenfield then presented Ben's blood test. Cooper stated that he believed among them was the killer, based on the use of his methods, but said that he must then rely on what he calls "magic. The special agent asked for Ben Horne to be brought to the Sheriff's Department, with Leland as his attorney.

He followed them out but paused to give the old waiter a thumbs-up. Upon arriving at the station, Cooper told Leland that Ben would be charged and he whispered in Harry's ear. The group approached the interrogation room and as Ben was nearly escorted inside, Leland was shoved in. The lawmen subsequently entered the room, handcuffing a giggling and howling Leland, who confirmed that he killed Laura and Maddy. These clues included that Ben's blood test was negative, the man in the dream danced which Leland did following the murder , Leland's hair turning gray the color of "BOB's" hair.

Leland began to chant a poem, followed by the sprinkler system being triggered. Leland ran head-first into the interrogation room door and in his dying words came to the realization that he had killed his daughter and asked for forgiveness, and spoke of when "BOB" took control of his actions.

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He also confessed to the murder of Teresa Banks. Leland then saw a vision of Laura, an apparent sign of forgiveness from her, and he died. He comforted Sarah, assuring her that it was not truly Leland who committed the heinous acts BOB was responsible for and that her husband died at peace with Laura. He then offered to drive her to the funeral. After the funeral, Cooper gathered with the town at the Hayward household, where a reception was held.

He made it known that he was considering using his available vacation time to spend more time in Twin Peaks. He then witnessed a scuffle between Mayor Dwayne Milford and his brother Dougie , and Pete Martell explained their sibling rivalry that had taken place over the years. Later, he folded his laundry in his room as Audrey came in. He said to her that he was going fishing with Major Briggs, but then will leave the town afterward. He once again explained his convictions that he could not be in a romantic relationship with her and told her about Caroline dying under his watch.

Cooper went to the Sheriff's Department to say his goodbyes before going on the fishing trip. Harry gave him a Green Butt Skunk fishing lure and a Bookhouse Boy patch, effectively making him an honorary member.